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Samvedna Group is a premier group of different verticals honing top-notch employees, entrepreneurs, students and organizations. Over the past 9 years, this group has been successful in establishing itself among the top organizations in India with diversified services in different domains. Samvedna, Living up to its name, it understands the needs and catches the nerve of ever-changing world where there is a growing urgency to create more equitable societies, people who continue to develop themselves are best equipped to contribute towards making a sustainable difference.

Courses Offered

  • Digital Marketing

  • Human Resources Training

  • English

  • Financial Markets Training

  • MIS & Data Analysis Training

  • Data Analytics

  • Web Desigining


We are providing services in various sector as follows...

Corporate & Industries

Samvedna is a beneficial service in many ways. It decentralizes the work and task to be distributed further among different expertise helping the main company to retain its productivity and viability. Samvedna thus offers an expertise service of choosing the right personnel at the right place. Samvedna group is synonym of trust and best facility provider.

College & Institute

For the college and institute we provides students career counseling, competitive & subject oriented trainings, workshops, summer & winter internship, and motivational sessions. Samvedna group guide you for what is suitable for you according to your condition. It helps in taking a student’s skill at higher level, also we provide Colleges & Institute with the Training & Placement assistance as well.


“Samvedna Group” stands tall as a premiere career-training Institute that provides quality education to all its prospective students, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and networks that will last a lifetime. Samvedna takes pride to state that it offers its students top quality education in a warm and inspiring environment that gives a foundation they need for a Future Unlimited.


Student's Reviews

  • Taking admission into Samvedna is like paying for an exclusive world tour. The institute is comprised of different people from different domains which makes it a plateform for diverse learning. It has been a wonderful experience for me so far in the institue. It is indeed beyond boundaries. Potentials are harnessed, skills are developed, confidence is built and dreams are realized.

    Nawal Chouhan
  • IT is a field with innovation, uniqueness and individuality, the passion for which comes within the individual. Being a part of Cloud Computing course in Samvedna is like know your own individuality. The exposure they provide is far way good for the person who wants to achieve something. The faculty is always available and willing to help. The colleagues help you out in every way. Here the potentials are harnessed, skills are developed, confidence is built and dreams are realized .

    Pooja Patidar
  • I can positively say Samvedna has made me a better person. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. Teachers are very caring and interested in students’ well-being. They make sure every class is fun, educational and interactive, taking admission in SSC course was one of best decision in my life which lead me to the successful career.

    Surbhi Kabra

Associate's Reviews

  • "Being a part of the Samvedna has been tremendous. I am proud to be a part of an organization that has been serving County for over 7 years and is still going strong. The friendships I have been able to cultivate over the years with colleagues & clients will last a lifetime. I truly enjoy what I do and the people I work with. The quality of life, both professionally and personally here is incredible."

    Mr Asfaq (TPO-SAIMS Indore)
  • “Associating with Samvedna Group is such a privilege, and having the opportunity to do great things in the group you live in is such a rewarding feeling. Samvedna is a group of the most loyal and professional individuals I have had the pleasure of working with. I can assure you this will translate in the service they provide".

    Mr Rajeev Jain (High Court Lawyer)
  • "The best part about Samvedna is that they cares about their employees and helps them to grow in their careers and personal lives. The most rewarding part of being associated is watching the relationship development among different peoples and domains".

    Mr Nikhil Singh (Director – Maverick Console Services)

Industries Reviews

  • “I would like to take a moment to let you know how appreciative I am for your professional presence at our Institute. The timing and delivery of your presentation at our event was poignant and well received by the attendees. There were many technical speakers at this event. Your experiences and thoughts gave everyone food for thought and reflection.”

    SAIMS Indore
  • "It was an absolute pleasure being associated with Samvedna, I clearly see why AJ have been chosen as one the top motivational speakers. AJ was our keynote speaker at our organization for the session over the topic “Multitasking”. He took the time to really understand what we were looking for and spent a lot of time preparing with our host/moderator to ensure that the virtual session not only inspirational but also enjoyable because of their established rapport.

    Tanu – Rave Infotech
  • "It took time in establishing trust, and I have checked with many references before I started using Samvedna. Now, I would be glad to give a glowing reference for Samvedna. What I like most about them is their prompt service & 24/7 availability. As a result of using your service I found you to be knowledgeable, fast, friendly and inexpensive. It was a great business decision to choose you"!

    – Deep Kandpal (Research Inn)

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